Native American Exhibit

Permanent Exhibit

The Native American exhibit which is is located in the upper floor of the Victorian housefeatures a popular selection from our collection of Edward S. Curtis photogravures. These powerful Native American images have become famous around the world. As well, this exhibit displays our extensive collection of American Indian weaving, pottery, basketry, and beadwork.

The Tread of Pioneers Museumís expansive collection of Native American art was originally collected by Northwest Colorado proprietor H.B. Pleasant and his son, Richard, in the early 1920s. The collection, including the Edward S. Curtis photogravures currently on display, were generously donated to the museum in 1961 by Richardís aunt and uncle, Eunice and Farrington Carpenter of Hayden.

At the age of 14, Richard Pleasant was living with the Carpenters in Hayden and attending Perry-Mansfield Performing Arts School and Camp in Steamboat Springs. The Camp ignited a passion for dance in Pleasant. After attending Princeton and serving in World War II, Pleasant joined with Lucia Chase in New York and opened the Ballet Theatre in 1939 (now known as the American Ballet Theatre). The Ballet Theatre was Pleasantís brain-child and became one of the greatest ballet companies in the world.

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