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Your top destination to learn about Steamboat Springs history! Your top destination to learn about Steamboat Springs history! Your top destination to learn about Steamboat Springs history!
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Fletcher, Taylor

Date of Birth: May 11, 1990

City/State of Birth: Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Current Residence: Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Olympics and Events Attended:
2010 Olympics, Vancouver, Canada, 11th in Men’s Normal Hill Team Ski Jumping,
45th in Men’s Individual 10km Large Hill, Nordic Combined
2011 World Championships, 26th, Gundersen Start Normal Hill; 35th place, Gundersen Start Large Hill
2013 World Championships Team Event Bronze Medal (with Billy Demong, Bryan
Fletcher, and Todd Lodwick)
2013 World Championships Team Sprint, 6th Place (w/Demong)
2013 World Cup, Seefeld, Austria, Bronze Medal, Gundersen Normal Hill
2013 World Cup, Ramsau, Austria, 10th, Gundesen Start Normal Hill
2014 World Cup, Nordic Combined, 6th place
2014 Olympics, Sochi, Russia, 6th in Men’s Team, 20th in Men’s Large Hill/10 km Individual,
33rd in Men’s Normal Hill/10km Individual, Nordic Combined
2017 World Championships, St. Moritz, Switzerland, Normal Hill/10K, 21st

Brief Biography:
Fletcher joined the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club at the young age of four in the Learn to Ski Jump program. Little Taylor followed in the footsteps of his brother, Bryan, and was instantly hooked on ski jumping and Nordic Combined. In every competition, he fought for the podium. After winning Junior Olympics and North American championships at a young age, Fletcher knew he needed to continue in the sport and push forward to his ultimate goal, the Olympics. In 2009, he was named to the United States Ski Team and moved to Park City, Utah for the summer. His goal for that season was to focus on World Junior championships. A strong start to his season led Fletcher to believe he had a strong chance of making the Olympic team. During the winter, all the hard work finally paid off when he was named to the Olympic team. Being on the 2010 Olympic team at the age of 19 was a dream come true, especially since the team won the first-ever medals for the United States in Nordic Combined.

Fletcher is a nine-time Continental Cup medalist (two Gold, three Silver and four Bronze medals). He enjoys golf, soccer and tennis and cycling with Nordic teammates in the summer. Sports are a huge part of Fletcher’s life. Athletics played a significant role in his desire to be successful in life, and taught him to be organized, driven, focused, and a good team member. Growing up in Steamboat Springs meant a lot to Fletcher. Our Community dreams and helps raise Olympians because it takes a community to raise an Olympian.

“I have a great family that is so supportive of me, “ Taylor writes on his blog. “My Mom (Penny Fletcher) has never stopped encouraging me to continue with my dream and has always been there to give me …encouragement…. A single Mom [she] devoted all of her spare time to being there for my brother and me at all events.”

“My Dad, Tim Fletcher, is huge in my life. He taught me to ski by the time I could walk, and has always given me the attitude to be a champion….My dad has been a ski patroller for over 27 years. I have the best time with my Dad, when we are skiing the deep powder in the tight trees of Mt. Werner.”

“The best part of my life is my brother, Bryan Fletcher…Bryan has been my motivation to keep involved in the sport and he has also helped me through my difficult obstacles in sports. It was only this year that I have been able to beat my brother in a competition, but I cannot turn my back for long because he likes standing on the podium as much as I do. We are a team and will remain that way for the rest of our lives. I have his back and he has mine…”

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