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Olympian Biography Project

Olympian Biography Project
This Olympian Biography project was completed 2006 in memory of Essie Whittemore who was such a faithful spectator at so many winter sport events. Essie's husband, Stan, and we at the museum saw the need for a comprehensive Olympian biography resource that would connect researchers at the museum with our rich Olympic heritage. Researchers can access this information on our website ( and in our research center (on computer and in a book).

Although museum staff made every attempt to contact the Olympians directly to acquire biographies and essential information from the Olympians themselves, only some responded to our requests. As a result, museum staff researched the Olympians using a variety of sources: the U.S. Olympic Committee, books, internet/websites (such as, and museum research files. We used the following criteria used for this project: Olympians included on this project called Steamboat "home" at the time of this project, and either competed in an Olympics or were named to an Olympic team (but may not have competed).

A very special thanks goes out to Stan Whittemore and Ed and Jayne Hill for their donations to this project; museum staff member Gail Hanley who spent countless hours compiling the information and research; and Judy Ross at the Bud Werner Memorial Library who has been working to keep the information current.

We would also like to thank the countless others who helped us by providing information: the Olympians who responded to our requests; Mike Lane of the Steamboat Ski and Resort Corporation; the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club; the U.S. Olympic Committee; Tom Bie and his Steamboat: Ski Town USA book (information and photo usage) and Surva Towler for her History of Skiing in Steamboat Springs book (reference only).

We are proud to announce that this section of our website won a 2007 Award of Excellence from We hope you enjoy learning about the many Olympians who have shared ties to Steamboat Springs and our Olympic tradition!


Candice Bannister, Director
Tread of Pioneers Museum

Read all about 2018 Olympic bronze medalist, Arielle Gold’s journey!


Alborn, Alan
Aldighieri, Bobby
Armstrong, Deb
Barrows, Jim
Battelle, Ann
Berchtold, Manuela
Berend, Ben
Berry, Scott
Berube, Phillippe
Brockhoff, Belle
Calve, Caroline
Camerota, Brett
Camerota, Eric
Card, Van
Carmichael, Nelson
Chythlook Sifsof, Callan
Cleaver, Nick
Coberger, Annelise
Crawford, Gary
Crawford, Marvin
Davis, Jeff
Dayton, Matt
Demong, Billy
Deneen, Patrick
Despas-St. Pierre, Maria
Dierdorff, Mick
Doran, Brendan
Dunn-Downing, Shannon
Ebbern, Tarsha
Elliott, Jere
Elliott, Jon
Englund, Nita
Erichensen, Kristoffer
Farwell, Ted
Feddersen, Kris
Fleischer, Chad
Fletcher, Bryan
Fletcher, Taylor
Gill, Kylie
Gold, Arielle
Gold, Taylor
Good, Jasper
Gorgone, Michelle
Gros, Sacha
Grosjean, Matt
Heckman, Ryan
Heid, Ray
Heid, Robert
Hinkley, Jed
Honebein, Fred
Hughes, Jarryd
Jarrett, Dave
Jewell, Tyler
Jones, Clint
Kakela, Annie
Kashiwa, Hank
Kauf, Jaelin
Kidd, William
Koyander, Ellie
Kunkel, Ally
Lalive, Caroline A.
Ledecka, Ester
LeRoy, Andy
Lindsey, Jana
Lodwick, Todd
Lynch, Kerry
Mancari, Rosie
Mayer, Travis
McLeish, Adam
McNeill, Chris
Mewborn, Rick
Miller, Jack
Morse, Michael
Muss, Aaron
Outtrim, Eliza
Perry-Smith, Crosby
Quintana, Maria
Reiter, Justin
Rodolph-Wyatt, Katy
Samuelstuen, Ansten
Schwall, Tommy
Shaw, Johanna
Simmons, Erin
Smith, Jason
Spillane, Johnny
St. Onge, Ryan
Steele, John Dwight
Tetreault, Tim
Thrasher, Craig
Torrella, Jorge
Trapp, Mike
Vaitkus, Linas
Van Loan, Carl
Weber, Randy
Wegeman, Keith
Wegeman, Paul
Weiss, Rich
Werner, Gladys
Werner, Loris
Werner, Wallace
Wiik, Sven
Wild, Vic
Wilson, Todd
Wren, Gordon
Zakreski, Kimiko




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