Wither's building

Wither's building

S.E. corner of 6th & Lincoln. Dorthy Wither said they built at this location because they thought 6th St. would have the bridge to the depot when the R. R. arrived. _x000d_ In 1908 the Wither brothers built a large native stone building on Lincoln Avenue, across from the frame building. This building was a grocery store in the west side, a dry goods store in the east side and had rooms to rent upstairs. This building was destroyed by fire in the late 1950's. Archie Wither built a large frame house on the hill in 1910 and he and his family lived there until the death of Archie in 1947 and Pearl in 1952. Building would become the courthouse annex, burned 4 May 1961. Site of present Bank of the West.

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